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Catawba Gold Catalpa Worm

Catawba Gold

$6.50 a Dozen


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Always a 10% off in-store discount for the Police, Firefighters and Disabled American Veterans. (Must present identification. Does not include special order items!)

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"The most trusted and experienced in shipping Catawba Gold Bait catalpa worms across the country!"

If shipping Live and frozen fishing bait to an address in the RED and BLUE ZONES FedEx Ground for commercial addresses and FedEx Home delivery for residential can be selected and will ship in one to two business day. The rest of the country or residential deliveries to other areas will need to select FedEx 2 Day Air at a minimum.

We will only ship bait inside the continental United States of America. You must have Live or Frozen bait sent to a destination where there will be someone to receive the package, we will not be responsible if you are not present at the time of delivery.


B-Moth/Beemoth/Wax Worm/Waxies

50 Count Container 50 Count Beemoth Add To Cart Button $2.50

150 Count Container 150 Count Beemoth Add To Cart Button $6.99

250 Count Container 250 Count Beemoth Add To Cart Button $10.00

1000 Count Container Beemoth Wax Worm Add To Cart Button $34.99

IN-Store Live Bait Prices @ The Bait Barn
Updated 01/26/2014

Guidelines for shipping Live and Frozen Bait!
There are special considerations when ordering Catalpa Worms/Live or frozen Bait that must be followed to ensure the freshness of the fishing bait. Our only wish is to provide you with the quality fishing bait you have come to expect from your own local Mom and Pop bait shops!

1. Someone must be present to receive the order from the delivery driver. This is done by signing for the delivery and can be confirmed by the shipping carrier through our shipping account. The shipping company will leave the container with or without a signature. If the container is left outside in high temperatures this will reduce it's ability to keep bait cool and no replacement or refund will be issued.

2. If a problem with your order has occurred, notify us immediately @ 317-545-BAIT (2248) and a picture must be submitted to our email within an hour of the arrival time to validate the authenticity of your claim.

3. When shipping Catalpa Worms or Frozen Bait the freeze packs will thaw in transit, this is a normal situation especially during hot summer months. REMOVE THE BAIT from the shipping container and place directly into a freezer for several hours before handling the bait any further.

4. When shipping live worms they may become weak, this is corrected by adding a few drops of water (Spring or Well water...NOT city or tap water) to the container and placing the worms into the refrigerator immediately for several hours. Please do not drown the worms before fishing with them! Some varieties of Red Worms do not require refrigeration and that will be noted in the product description of the website that they only require some moisture to rehydrate.

If ordering various live or frozen baits for one shipment call for pricing. Prices are subject to change, you will be notified prior to shipment if this occurs.
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